How to Start with Your New Conservatory

Conservatory and Orangeries Compared

Useful conservatory information

The thing about conservatories is that they seem such a simple solution to extending the family home and in most cases this can be true, but only if you give it some pre-planning & consideration before you run off and order a brand new room (

For example, here are a few things to think about:

  • will your conservatory need planning permission?
  • what is your budget
  • what style do you prefer?
  • what is the ground like for the foundations?
  • which location – side or back of house
  • will you need to build over drains, water mains or manhole covers
  • what will your next door neighbours think
  • when do you want the work done?
  • do you want wood, aluminium upvc or a combination?

Even this is not an complete list, but if you start with your ‘end objective’ in mind then you should be alright and if you make sure you use an installer who is certified & has a good track record (always ask for references from satisfied recent clients who live in your area) they will be capable of dealing with planning permission & building regulations.

Planning Permission For Conservatory / Orangery.

Conservatory size is important for planning permission

orangery conservatoryIt seems to be the case that the majority of conservatories in England & Wales do not automatically require planning permission in order to be built, and so luckily that is one cost that most homeowners will not need to consider when looking at conservatory price via a cost guide at present.

However, it is important to have a rough idea of how big you can make your conservatory before you start to infringe on the limits and fall into the category that does need planning permission – just a few inches and an inspector who is particularly ‘on the case’ could mean expense at the least & disaster at the most (Sir Cliff Richard had a big problem with his £30,000 conservatory!)

You can find a lot of information about orangeries at, but always check with your local authority to see what they are allowing as ‘permitted developments’ in your area, and also confirm with your installer that they can handle all the aspects of design, planning & implementation if required.